Thursday, 12 March 2009

Missfit Hits Rome

^^ Pennie and Lennie went to Roma and spread the missfit word, 
We should really be doing the same around London but postcards don't stay up if you leave them places like they seem to in Rome.... 

The graffiti was not us... but I thought it was amazing!!!

Sunday, 21 December 2008

MISSFIT MONDAYS 2009 Festival Fundraiser for DYS(THE)LEXI 2009

missfit productions, the storytellers pedal stool, are at it again, producing high quality storytelling, at low cost prices. We are looking for stories in all formats: tellers, poets, visual makers, playwrights. players, directors, dreamers, idealists, rebels, and my favourite of all, missfits.

If you have a story or an idea for a story and you are looking to test it out or show it off, please get in contact asap. All submissions must be emailed to by the 15th Jan 09.

We are offering the most developed work a maximum run of 4 performances and where necessary happy to support the writer with casting, as well as sourcing a Director.

There is no funding for this project yet, but it is an opportunity to invite industry professionals/ agents. We will be giving each writer/maker 2 comps per performance, Directors and Actors all get 1 comp per performance.

missfit mondays @ The Troy Bar, Hoxton

Performance Dates Available:
Feb: 09 - 2, 9, 16, 23,
Mar: 2, 9, 16, 23, 30,
Apr: 6,13,20,27,
May: 4,11,18,25 – Susanna - Russian Play (Calling for Dir/Cast)

Thursday, 27 November 2008


Two months have gone by so fast. Dyssing Monadys has now finished. So much has happend, we have met so many people, worked with so many writers, poets and filmakers, actors and directors.

The concept was to create an event designed for us - dyslexic storytellers, to tell our storys, our way. A place were there was no need to apologies for our erros or our weeknesses, becouse here - at the festival, we were the main stars. Our weekenesses were not important. We were seen as storytellers and for a while, people, the audenice, forgot we were dyslexic.

The audenice were often suprised and the work was so good, people even questioned if we were really dyslexic. This just show how little the genral public know about dyslexia.

We came out of the creative closet. Me included.

A dyslexic producer, writer and director, proving that her playground is better...

I dont belive in the mantra, if you can beat them join them, I belive in, "If you cant beat them, change the rules"

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Susanna, By Russian Writer, N.N. Rashkin

Monday 24th Nov 08

Play – 7.30pm

By N.N. Rashkin

"I shall tell about myself something. I was born in 1964. I the writer, script writer, playwright. I have issued three books. All other my works in Russia are necessary to nobody. Oh yes, I live in Russia. I the man, not the woman. My name N. N."


Vince Tycer recently moved to London from California, directing work includes Reefer Madness the Musical and Menotti's opera The Medium. He has an MA in Directing from the University of California at Irvine and studied acting at Drama Studio London.

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    Wednesday, 19 November 2008

    A Wonderful Surprise

    I purposely made sure that I didn’t look at the script prior to the performance. By doing this it will give me a fresh approach to the play. In a strange way I’ve never felt fully connected when I see my plays acted. It’s as if someone else had written it. On Oct. 6th when the lights went down and the play started I was totally connected. The night “LD” was performed was the best theatrical event of my playwriting career.
    Two amazingly talented actors and a very gifted talented director caught every nuance and every dramatic moment of my play. And that’s saying something because I’ve worked with the creative people in my other plays. They never reached height of perfection that Ms. Sorczuk and company had. Considering that I wasn’t present during the creative process made the event more exciting and a wonderful surprise.

    I was a little concern about the Q & A afterwards. I never done it before. The audience members made me feel at ease. The questions were challenging and their interest in dyslexia very moving. At the end of the evening a fella told me that he wasn’t diagnosed until he was in his mid thirties and that the could identify with the characters. In every performance of this play I’ve always had people approach me with stories about themselves or loved ones effect by this disability. With these conversations I feel that I’ve done my job as an artist. I’ve opened a dialog for audience to talk freely about living with dyslexia. That was always my goal for “LD” when I wrote it.


    Celebrating Dyslexics