Thursday, 27 November 2008


Two months have gone by so fast. Dyssing Monadys has now finished. So much has happend, we have met so many people, worked with so many writers, poets and filmakers, actors and directors.

The concept was to create an event designed for us - dyslexic storytellers, to tell our storys, our way. A place were there was no need to apologies for our erros or our weeknesses, becouse here - at the festival, we were the main stars. Our weekenesses were not important. We were seen as storytellers and for a while, people, the audenice, forgot we were dyslexic.

The audenice were often suprised and the work was so good, people even questioned if we were really dyslexic. This just show how little the genral public know about dyslexia.

We came out of the creative closet. Me included.

A dyslexic producer, writer and director, proving that her playground is better...

I dont belive in the mantra, if you can beat them join them, I belive in, "If you cant beat them, change the rules"

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