Wednesday, 3 September 2008


Back in May 2006, while we were putting on Write Side Of The Brain, I had this mad idea that there should be a festival for Dyslexic writers. I had the name of the festival in my head. It was going to be called, DYS(the)LEXI. in March 2007 DYS(the)LEXI took form.

Ideas are powerful so have as many of them as you can, often and without rest. The more you have, the more you keep getting and each and everyone is completely possible.

We never got any funding for DYS(the)LEXI - well we did, but the £250 RB was able to get, vanished in the expenses of our budget before we even saw it.

This year we have even less money to work with, but somehow what we lack in money we make up in people and people are a more valuable currency in theatre.

Amy H for example is my rock. She made the website and got us a top google ranking in the first few months of going live, because she is amazing and know what she is doing.

People all over the world have hared about us through our gorilla marketing and I know that missfit productions will be around for as long as I am.

DYSSING MONADYS is low budget, but that means we have all the freedom in the world to play by our own rules.

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