Monday, 6 October 2008


Q&A time with the playwright... Is it fashionable to be dyslexic? - If it is not, it will be :)

What a wonderful start to the festival. Great energy, cosy atmosphere and cheap beer...and we have not even began to explain the production yet.

LD, by Matt Heftler received a debut performance in London, previously the play had a staged reading in New York, but MH said, "The past production did not have the same insight, or illustrate the same emotion." We take it the playwright was happy with our rendition.

Samantha Hopkins was both believable and slick as Tracy Johnston, the determined and ambitious book editor, while Adrian Rodrigues portrayed both the passion and frustration of Michael Greene, the dyslexic playwright with emotional problems.

One hour flew by so fast and now there are only another 7 nights left. Each Monday missfit will be producing one new play, as well as presenting short films/animations by dyslexic makers and a bit of poetry to get us all in the mood for contemplation.

Please come out and support these nights - you will be inspired !

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