Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Monday 13th Oct 2008 - Chocolate Sabotage

By lennie varvarides

What a night...Talk about waiting till the eleventh hour, but we all pulled it off, even with the last minute changes like adding live music on the night, adding waitress, i mean actors to new scenes, stepping in on the day of the show with trays of food, I mean cakes, I mean chocolate eclairs, and if all this was not enough to test the best actors in the world, our first show was in fact our dress rehearsal. The very first time the whole cast was together and performing with all their props and waring their costumes.

What a show...the joys of low budget productions and gorilla marketing to get the job done. To keep going and keep believing in what you are going for. I love it. I really love it...even when everything goes wrong. Thank God we have Monday 20th to put it all right.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds scary, exciting, and wonderful!

I'm sure the 20th will be even more fantastic!


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