Friday, 2 March 2007

becoming visable


trying to make a contribution but having to make up words in between thoughts of other expressions. not always able to refine the seniment and this is apparently quite pretentious. i wanna say thanks to lennie for making this happy hi to the people that i havent met, wow to mike and michelle that i have met either cybically or mometerily, who are doing amazing things and making really worthwil contribution to the . refining of the dyslexia concept from a better, more refreshing angel or angle never remember which. angels with anles must be ok anyway. flighty in a cubic kind of way. but yeah - everything that contributes to people becoming aware of different ways of viewing dyslexia - and i think that rcnceptualising went completely awry ... aria ... aray .. arrie? i cant remember but deconformed. n ot wll forumalted. miss formulated. all efforst to link dyslexia with creativity are valuable because creativti is in itself valuable. as is dyslexia - even though so much more needs to be understood before the forms and the dimensions of this claim are fully clear - and i think that the onlyu way a better understadning of these dimensins and forms are going to become clear is by dyslexic people experiemtting and exploring and pushing the boundaries ... and this envolves performance but it also involves thought and talking.

milke asked how did dyslexia affect you creatvity (brilliant question) mine is: if there was a metaphor that describes what dyslexia means to you - what would it be?

thanks anyone who is contributing to RASP - anyone yet to send a script the quicker the better cause time is tocking

kindly, nim

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Anonymous said...

People with dyslexia are just NORMAL people. Some are very intelligent, some are stupid, most are average. Some are incredibly creative, some couldn't think how to escape from a wet paper bag and most are average.

Dylexia does not come with a creativity 'gift'. Some dyslexics are very creative in the same way as some people with red hair are too! You are creative people who happen to be dyslexic - or dyslexic people who happen to be creative - however you wish to view it.

This matters because of what you are inadvertantly saying to ordinarily creative dyslexics (the vast majority) who feel doubly hard done by or even worse, doubly stupid because they don't seem to have this 'gift'.


Celebrating Dyslexics