Thursday, 1 March 2007

we have bigger brains you know

Hi all

My name is Mike Juggins and I am making a documentary about this wonderfull festival. I met some of you last week and was very impressed by the talent you all have. I have been active on the issue of dyslexia for a long while and this event is a real fill up for me… dyslexics of the world untie (spelt correctly!)

I have a 4 min doc at chan 4 web site if people want to know about my politics regards dyslexia. But for once this is a chance to be positive and celebrate. I am performance painting on the Tuesday (my birthday!) and am looking forward to that imensly. The paint will be my narritive.

Regards the doc… I aim to make a one hour piece and this means that I cant guarentee everyone having their whole performance in the final doc. However I will endevour to included as many people as possible in some way or another. I should be able to record all the live stuff so if people want just their own stuff for promotional purposes then have a chat to me during the week in march and we can sort something out maybe.

If anyone has not filled in a release form then please email me at and I will send one digitally.

If I could also ask people to have a think about how their dyslexia impacts on the creative practice then that would be cool. It doesn’t need a speech or essay (lol) but I will be interviewing dyslexics to give the doc a clear context.

Well enough already, no one likes reading pages and pages of text.


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