Saturday, 17 March 2007

I have just read the piece from Mr/Mrs anonymous. I won't pretend it didn't rattle me, and unfortunately, it is not the first time I've heard such opinions.

Let me explain: I have spent 50% of my life being stupid because I was told I was. What you think, you become. When I was introduced to the Arts Dyslexia Trust that suggested the dyslexic had created abilities, my misconception became a conception of ideas.

At the time I wasn't aware of any creative ability that I may have. But because somebody told me that I was creative, I started to search and find that creativity within. Years later I have written novels, poetry, textbooks, articles... I'm creative all right, creative beyond my dreams.

I don't believe that I am better than anyone else, nor worse. I think in a particular way that allows me to express myself visually, dynamically and from a place where I can see the world from way up high. With these skills I celebrate life through my creativity. I cannot separate my creativity from my dyslexia, because the way I am creatively, is directly linked to how I think, and how I think is directly linked to my dyslexia.

In my opinion, every individual is special, unique, and has something wonderful to offer the world. I don't believe that anyone is stupid; stupidity is a state of mind based on someone else's judgement. Stupidity is a choice, not a limitation of someone's mind. I have never met anyone stupid, dyslexic or non-dyslexic, but I have met many a person who cannot see because they have been blindfolded by set ideas and conditioning.

I hope the work we are celebrating doesn't make anyone feel inadequate, dyslexic or non-dyslexic, but instead, inspire and encourage each and every one of us to celebrate what we have to offer the world. Remember, I was a stupid person who became bright and creative through someone pointing out the pluses not the minuses of my way of thinking. Who knows what potential lives inside each and every one of us, dyslexic or non-dyslexic: ‘those who seek will find’.

Thank you missfitproductions for allowing us to celebrate who we are.

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